Learning Activity Features/Performance Evaluation Survey

How did this learning activity meet with your expectations? Did it perform better or worse that you thought it would? Did it address the needs you had in mind for it? Your answers to these questions and others like them are important to us. Please share your opinions below.

* Indicates required questions.
1. Did you find this this learning activity useful? *
Very Useful
Some What Useful
Not Useful
2. Would you use this learning adventure in a classroom? *
Very Likely
Some What Likely
Not Likely
3. Have you ever created a budget prior to this leaning adventure? *
4. How did BudgetPulse perform? *
Very well. It exceeded my expectations
Well. It met with my expectations
Poorly. It met none of my expectations
5. What was the biggest challenge creating the budget given your income? *
6. How likely are you to use budget pulse or some budgeting software in the future? *
Very Likely
Some What Likely
Not Likely