Three Question GSDI Survey

The purpose of this survey is to assess interest in the creation of an individual membership arm of the GSDI Association. Each of the three questions is followed by space for comments. Submit only one survey response. Multiple responses from the same ISP may be expunged.

* Indicates required questions.
QUESTION 1: Would you be interested in joining an international society for geospatial specialists providing the benefits as expressed in the invitation for this survey? *

COMMENTS: Other priority membership benefits? (Note: If you answered No above, skip through the next two questions and SUBMIT your response.)
QUESTION 2: What is the title of the individual membership arm that you prefer or would be most likely to join?
The International GIS Society
The International Geospatial Society
The International SDI Society

COMMENTS: Alternative title?
QUESTION 3: The new services would require funding to support. Would you become a member if the proposed annual membership fee was US $50 payable on-line by credit card? ($25 for students)